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Have you ever wondered if having an injury attorney makes a difference?

Have you ever wondered if having an injury attorney makes a difference? Here are some dramatic case results from the  Bighorn case files which illustrate how having a personal injury attorney helps you meet your financial needs. The chart on this page illustrates the difference between what the insurance companies offered, and what the final pay out was when we got involved. In some cases, the insurance offered $0 to begin with.

Rear End Collision

The client was hospitalized immediately and required surgery after a rear-end collision. Medical expenses were extreme, yet the insurance company refused to step up.

Insurance offer: 350,000

We took the case all the way to trial and refused to back down. Just before trial, the insurance company agreed to pay the fair amount.

Insurance paid: $1,400,000

Cargo Accident

truck accident injury

Cargo unloading accident in another state. The trucking company blamed the victim claiming he unloaded his truck improperly and tried to move the case to another state.

Insurance offered: $20,000

We hired expert witnesses who demonstrated the truck was negligently loaded and convinced the court to keep the case in Nevada.

Insurance paid: $900,000.00

Slip and Fall

slip and fall attorney

OBSTACLE:Woman fell at a casino with low lighting and experienced emotionally-induced injuries.

Insurance offered: $0

We made an unprecedented case for emotion-induced physical trauma and compensated her for the full measure of pain and suffering.

Insurance paid: $750,000.00

Unleashed Dog

las vegas dog bite lawyer

Woman tripped over an unleashed dog fracturing her elbow. The insurance company said that the dog owner could never be at fault.

Insurance offered: $100,000

We argued that the dog owner had a duty to keep the dog on a leash.

Insurance paid: $460,000.00

Misfiled Prescription

medical malpractice attorney

Elderly mother ingested a misfiled prescription. The pharmacy blamed the victim and claimed her injuries were her own fault.

Insurance offered: $65,000

We brought a motion for summary judgment and won.

Insurance paid: $625,000.00

Wrongful Death

las vegas wrongful death attorney

A young boy was hit by a commercial truck and killed. The company blamed the victim saying he crossed the street illegally.

Insurance offered: $35,000

We found eyewitnesses to contradict the company’s story and hired an expert engineer to prove the truck driver was at fault.

Insurance paid: Large 6 figure settlement
(exact amount protected by confidentiality agreement)

Car Accident

las vegas car accident lawyer

A woman badly injured after a car accident was accused of lying about the source of her injuries.

Insurance offered: $60,000

We believed our client and took the case to trial.

Insurance paid: $500,000.00

Low Speed Impact

car crash attorney las vegas

A low impact accident caused real but temporary injuries. Insurance claimed that the low property damage meant the clients were never injured.

Insurance offered: $5,000

After we took the case to trial we secured a judgment.

Insurance paid: $42,000

Large Accident

las vegas personal injury lawyer

Large motor vehicle accident where insurance company claimed the injuries were exaggerated.

Insurance offered: $200,000

We believed in our client and presented evidence from some of the best medical experts in the country to prove the injuries were real.

Insurance paid: $625,000

Freeway Crash

las vegas malpractice lawyer

Freeway collision with medical complications where insurance company questioned the need for future treatment

We hired a surgeon to provide the insurance company proof that future treatment was required.

Insurance paid $275,000.

Tow Yard Mishap

Our client was pinned against another vehicle in a tow yard. Despite injuries, the insurance company only offered $30,000.

Insurance offer: $30,000

We found qualified experts to speak to the severity of the case and prove our client was in the right.

Insurance paid $1,000,000

Disclaimer: prior results are no guarantee of future results


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